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Red Machines vol.4

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A series in the making

The Red Machines Series is entirely devoted to the hardware of the Red Army. Each volume provides indepth
information, much of it entirely new to the western world, as well as a large number of photos, of
which many have never been published to date. Blueprints, drawings, colour profiles and data tables are
also provided with each volume, to describe the development and production variants of each vehicle.
This fourth volume describes the development and introduction of the SU-122 Assault Gun.


The SU-122 was assembled at “Uraltransmashzavod” (UZTM) in Sverdlovsk, mating the chassis of the T-34 medium tank with the only armament then currently being series produced in the immediate location. The SU-122 was a wartime technical “marriage of convenience” of available resources in and around relocated manufacturing facilities, and a very successful one.




Pages - Extended!


Drawings &

Did you know?

The SU-122 development story was however particularly nuanced. The development path which ultimately resulted in the SU-122 began with a series of turreted T-34 based tank destroyer designs that did not progress beyond project stage. The first SU-122 was not built on a Soviet chassis at all, the early 122-SG being the mating of the 122mm M-30S howitzer with captured German StuG III and Pz.Kpfw. III chassis, with a small number of conversions being undertaken and delivered to the Red Army.

The tank that nearly didn't make it

The SU-122 was the first self-propelled mounting based on the T-34 chassis to enter service with the Red Army. Originally developed to provide general close support for tanks and infantry, the SU-122 also proved to be an effective tank destroyer.

About the authors

Igor Gennadyvich Zheltov

For 15 years Igor Zheltov worked as Deputy Director for research at the museum and memorial complex “History of the T-34” near Moscow. Since 1997, he has worked in the Russian state archives on issues related to the history of the development of Russian armoured combat vehicles. He is the co-author of more than 20 books on the history of tank building and types of armoured weapons and equipment. Twice winner of the literary prize “Prokhorov readings”, Igor Zheltov is one of the creators of the website "T-34inform", dedicated to the history and design features of the T-34 tank and its modifications.

Alexey Yurevich Makarov

For several years Alexsey Makarov was a researcher at the Museum and memorial complex "History of the T-34" near Moscow. Since 2006, he has worked intensively within the Russian state archives on issues related to the history of Russian tank building in the pre-war and war years, and mainly on the topic “Development and production of the T-34 tank”. The author has published numerous articles in Russian naval historical and scientific-technical journals, and is co-author of a series of books in Russia on the history of the legendary T-34 tank. He is also one of the creators of the site “T-34inform”, dedicated to the history and design of the T-34 tank and its modifications.

James Kinnear (Editor)

James Kinnear has been researching Soviet and Russian tanks since his first visit to the Soviet Union in the 1970s, and lived in the post-Soviet Russian Federation for almost three decades. As well as writing many articles on Russian military technology for Jane’s Soviet Intelligence Review, Jane’s Intelligence Review and Jane’s Defence Weekly, Classic Military Vehicles and Military Machines International, he has written books on Soviet and Russian military technology for Barbarossa, Canfora, Darlington, Osprey and Tankograd.



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